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Name: Birdie Man
From: Brampton, Ontario Canada

Handicap: 15
Date: July 2002


Banty's Roost G.C.
Blue/White course

Ontario Canada
(905) 843-9364

Public Course
36 Holes available (blue, white, red)
CDN $50 excluding cart


Greens: Poor
Fairways: Awful
Tees: Garbage
Sand Traps: Garbage
Scenery: Average
Layout: Average
Comments: Fairways and greens were as hard as rocks. The many different shades of brown did nothing for the scenery score.

Club and Facilities

Pro Shop : Average
Pro Shop Service : Good
Practice facility : Weak
Food and beverage: Good
F&B service: Good
Food value: Average
Bev Cart : Yes
Bev Cart Rating: Good

General Comments:

This course is what I would generally classify as a "goat path". The fairways were brown and hard the rough was thick but a different shade of brown and the greens were a mixture of different shades of green and brown. Speaking of the greens, it didn't matter how softly you landed your approach shot or how much backspin you were able to apply they wouldn't stick! The tees were uneven on a number of occasions and one in particular had almost no grass on it whatsoever. I teed by ball up on dirt only to find that the fescue behind the tee interfered with my backswing - ridiculous.

Overall the course is relatively short and forgiving. Most players will appreciate the fact that they will be able to find and play their balls from adjacent fairways on many holes. This being said there is some well placed fescue that will eat your ball up given the chance.

Signage on the course was horrendous. As first time players we were acutely aware of the lack of signs on many of the tees and the lack of information provided as to the distance from a tee deck to a water or other hazard. We lost a number of balls to water hazards that we did not know existed until we came over a mound only to find a pond or creek in the middle of the fairway. Also noticeably lacking was any indicator on the flagsticks providing pin location information (i.e. front, middle or back of the green). Water stations on the course were, for all intent, nonexistent. We played on a fairly nice, very medium type day - we might be buzzard food out there now if it was a hot one. The only water hole on the white nine is after the first hole (our tenth). We then had to play eight holes without a water station in sight.

The pro shop staff was pleasant and helpful. The beverage cart girl found us regularly and was very friendly. Food and beverage prices were a little on the high side given the quality of the course in general, but this is typical of courses in the west end of the Greater Toronto Area.

The driving range was decent although the grass tees definitely needed some additional work. The range itself was relatively well marked and large enough to accommodate the busiest of days. My complaint is with the putting greens - there are two of them. Both are extremely small and are not kept well - this may be by design so as to prepare the golfer for the greens on the course.

Given the number of golf courses in the west end of the GTA, I am sure that I could find a nicer course in better condition for a similar (or even cheaper) price. I would not play this one again.

Best Hole: 9 - blue course
Why: Par three over water to a very small green and almost no room to land if you miss the green (evergreens at the back and left with a steep slope behind them, water in front of the green). This would be a very challenging finishing hole if played as your #18.

Overall rating : Awful

Overall value: Way overpriced

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* FEATURED * course review!!

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