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Augusta bridge - golf swing

TheGolfExpert - a web site FOR avid golfers BY avid golfers. is the official site of amateur golfers. We want to help you play better golf! We want to be the place where weekend duffers, business people, men, women and kids of all ages come to learn more about the game of golf. Whether you're looking for a better swing, tips to help score better, clarification of rules, what etiquette is important, drills for the driving range and putting green, or which local course you should try out, we want you to come here first for that information.

Who's the golf expert? was started in 2001 by two brothers, Jim and Doug Paterson who continue to run the site today while holding down 'regular' day jobs in their spare time. Doug is a Professional Teaching Pro who has taught hundreds if not thousands of amateur golfers in the Greater Toronto Area. He has held various positions at some of the most prestigious clubs in the Toronto area. Doug has played all over North America and spends his days toiling in the highly competitive golf travel industry. Jim has been a golfer for 20+ years and worked both inside and out for more than 6 years at a number of respected courses in the Toronto area. His days are spent locked in an office in the financial services industry.

Our web presence is intended to provide information for the average golfer (4-36 handicapper) which is written and developed by avid golfers that have industry experience and professional golf designations. We also hope that you'll ask questions and contribute information or experiences that will benefit others. understands the experience of our visitors because we've been there ourselves.

Where is TheGolfExpert?
While based in Canada, our aim is to provide information that transcends political borders. Golf is the 'great equalizer' and the information that helps you improve your swing in Toronto, Vancouver or Myrtle Beach is just as useful in the UK, France and Asia. We hope that no matter where you play golf you'll find the information here both useful and world-class.

Opinions on Golf
Our opinions are, we hope, one of the reasons that you keep coming back. As such we print what we want about courses, resorts, balls, clubs etc. We hope that you'll appreciate our frankness. While some people may be upset by this approach and you may not always agree with our opinions we think that 'the honest way' is also 'the best way' to do business.

Golf news
We're not a news service and while we may from time to time offer some opinions on the professional tours or some of the pros themselves we do not intend on the being a tour insider. There's just too much going on and we don't have the resources to be on top of it. If we can't do it well we'd rather not do it at all.

If you'd like to contribute an opinion or other content or want to ask a question please don't hesitate to click here. Alternatively, if you have written an article that you think other amateur golfers should read please consider submitting it for our consideration.

We want to hear from you! Regardless of topic, we read every email you send to us. If you've had a positive or negative experience at a local or resort course please let us know and we can let thousands of others know too. This way we can all learn from your bad experiences and benefit from your good ones.

The bottom line is that is here for you. If we're not providing what you want to see - let us know! We'll try to do better. If by some chance you like what you see - let us know! Maybe we'll publish your comments or at least we can all take a moment to sit back and read your comments over and over again while enjoying a single malt scotch and a cigar while we bask in the glory of your positive feedback.

Play well and may you never lip out again!!


* FEATURED * course review!!

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