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Recommended by TheGolfExpert
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How I Play Golf
By: Tiger Woods & Editors of GolfDigest

More than just a Tiger Woods fan book, this really is an instructional guide and is very helpful and descriptive. It provides an excellent breakdown of different parts of the game including: sand shots, driving, putting, short game etc. Many colorful photos add to the enjoyment of this book.

This instructional guide is a must read for any golfer regardless of handicap. <more reviews>

100% Golf
By: David Leadbetter et al

Drawing on a lifetime of playing and teaching, David Leadbetter has developed the unique ability to translate very difficult swing concepts and golf fundamentals into easy-to-understand language. His 100% Golf covers every aspect of the swing and game in general, in the smallest detail, and is free of excessive technical jargon. From alignment, ball position, and driving to fitness, mental toughness, and problem lies, this book contains everything the practicing golfer will ever need to know.

Intended for low to mid handicappers (0-15)

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Click to buy from Short Game Bible
By: Dave Pelz

Hundreds of pages to help you get to the pin from a hundred yards in. Filled with excellent graphics and good descriptions this book is often viewed as a must have for any golfer. This book would be an excellent addition to any low handicappers (0-6) bookshelf who has a lot of time to dedicate to shaving additional strokes. However, for most 'weekend golfers' this book is too in depth and requires too much time to be of significant use.

Understanding the Golf Swing
By: Manuel De La Torre

Take the emphasis off the use of individual body parts and positions and place it on what really matters - creating a swinging motion with the golf club. This profoundly simple yet incredibly helpful book is a must for any serious golfer.

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Perfect Impact
By: George Hibbard

Addresses the small differences in the golf swing that make good players great. If you don't read anything else in this book - make sure you read the chapter on setup. It is excellent and besides - that's where it all begins.

A good read and very useful for the mid handicapper (12-19).


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