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  Main golf lingo page
Golf terms - D
Golf terms - F

Golf Glossary - 'E'

eagle - a score of 2 under (less than) par on any hole.

embedded ball - (aka: "plugged") a ball that is embedded in the ground. Often a portion of the ball is visible but it could be completely hidden rom view as well. Example: "An embedded ball is subject to the Rules of Golf. Under some circumstances you can lift it and clean it prior to dropping it back into play."

etiquette - the expected behavior of players, caddies, visitors, guests, spectators etc. while on the golf course. Example: "Novice golfers are often not familiar with the etiquette of the game and must be educated."

even par - (aka: "even", "level") a situation that develops when a players score is the same as par at any time during his/her round. Example: "After fighting back to even par at the 14th, I was one under by the seventeenth and finished at even par."

executive course - (aka: "par three") a course that is made up almost entirely of par three holes. Derived from the term that executive that have little time for a 4 or 5 hour round of golf are able to play at an executive course because it takes only about two and a half hours.

explosion shot - see "blast".

Main golf lingo page

Golf terms - D
Golf terms - F

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