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Full name: Eldrick T. Woods
Birthdate: December 30, 1975
Born: Cypress, California
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 180lbs
Turned Pro: 1996
Exempt Status: Champion 1997 Masters Tournament (through 2007)
Outside interests: Fishing, Basketball, any other sports
Marital Status: Single
PGA Tour Victories: 29
International Victories: 4
Total 2001 PGA wins: 5
Total 2001 2nd place finishes: 0
Total 2001 3rd place finishes: 1
Best score 2000: 63 - (Verizon) Byron Nelson Classic
National Teams: 9
PGA Tour Playoff record: 6-1

Nicknamed 'Tiger': After a Vietnamese soldier, Nguyen Phong, who was a friend to his father, Earl Woods who was a Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel and served two tours of duty in the Vietnam War.


* FEATURED * course review!!

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