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Always a Straight Putt!!

Note that there are no grooves on the putter, it does not cause the ball to fly through the air spinning in one direction or the other. When a ball is putt on a putting green it's important to remember that a putter is designed so that you can only hit the ball straight. There's no point in trying to make the ball turn with the putter or the stroke. It's the green itself that may cause the ball to turn right or left away from the straight line in which you putt the ball.

Therefore, after carefully reading the topography of the green (i.e. deciding which way the ball is going to go after you strike it with the putter and send it on its way) and selecting your target, you must align yourself with the intended target. Once in position your job is to concentrate on bringing the putter straight back and straight through the ball toward your target. As the putter will only hit the ball in one direction (straight forward), following these steps will ensure that you hit the ball toward your target.

Too many people line up a putt worrying about the break in the green and it's upcoming effect on the path of the ball. As a result, they tend to push or pull the ball to compensate for the undulations in the green. Trust yourself to have read the green correctly and just hit a straight putt at the target you've selected. You may be surprised how often you're correct.



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